Hi, let's create something together!

so who am I?

Good question. Honestly, I ask myself that sometimes too, but let's stick to the highlights.

I’m a fun-loving filmmaker with a passion for creating engaging stories. After graduating top of my class from Ma'aleh Film School in Jerusalem (yes, I peaked early), I dove headfirst into the wild world of directing, shooting, and editing films and commercials.
My award-winning short films have graced festivals worldwide (impressive, right?).

Besides that, I freelance in production, tackling everything from filming and editing to VFX for ads and branded content. I spend a lot of time in After Effects, working on compositing, animation, motion design, and typography – basically, if it moves on screen, I’ve probably had a hand in it.

When I’m not behind the camera or buried in editing programs, you might find me scribbling away on scripts for feature and short films. Because, you know, who needs sleep when there are stories to tell? With my easygoing attitude and creative flair, I bring energy and imagination to every project. I love working with others to make movie magic!
Just don’t ask me who I am – I’m still figuring that out.

What can I do for you?


Dreams, ideas & scripts


Short films, Commercials & Music videos


Any kind of video you need


Anything. Really anything

After Effects, 3D & Compositing

Fixing problematic shots and adding extra elements

Motion Design & Animation

Explainers videos, music cips and commercials

MY own short films


SOME OTHER works for others

so, shall we make somthing?